Idiocracy – Mind on a Leash

I am standing in the lobby, looking around.  Everyone has a cell phone at their ears.   They are here, but their minds are there.  They are captured by the babble in their ears, unaware of what is happening in front of them.

These are not important people discussing significant events, these are nobodies who are talking to another nobody because they are afraid to be alone.   And they are so limited that they really can’t see where they are, who is around them, what is happening, at the same time..

The fact that there was and is a population which becomes blind and oblivious when there are sounds in their ears,  made it clear that the invention of a cell phone would be a method of mind control as strong as a ten pound chain.

Of course, the mind of the population had to be eroded to allow this intrusion.

‘Walkie-Talkies’ were invented in 1937.   There was no market for such items save in security; soldiers, police, security guards,  because up until 1996 the public was not all that interested in communicating with people they didn’t see.

Up until 1996, most people lived in reality for one was dealing with those who were born in the time when I.Q.s were much higher.   When people could live without leashes or mind control.

Those born in the late 70s were the first generation to experience the dumbing down which has persisted and increased.

Society has created people who are afraid of their own company.  People who can not be alone.  The Cell phone prevents that autonomy.


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Written by jaylar

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