Their is a weakness in those who were not toilet trained as babies.  A feeling that things are beyond their control.  They may grip some ‘fact’ given to them by whomever owns their brain at the moment, because they give over their autonomy.   To actually grasp the reality that information is being manipulated would require that self confidence they have been denied.

That people from Macedonia could create fake stories and network them on Facebook and get millions of readers, none of whom had the mental acuity to ascertain the I.P.Address was not in America, nor was the site reliable  is clear evidence.

People who use the Internet must be aware one can create a site, give it a classy name, a professional appearance and post anything.    The fact this information doesn’t appear anywhere else, has no impact on the brains of the readers.

Today, a well known charlatan who declared bankruptcy five times and knows nothing can call respected news services ‘Fake’ and have his views swallowed whole is proof of the mental decline of the population.

That you can sue these ‘Fake’ sites in Court because they exist, and can not sue the fabrications made by those in Macedonia does not penetrate the minds of the public.

Many of us, as High School students, would hear something and physically check it out.  We were not so gullible as to believe another student.

Today, people believe what they read without checking sources.

And some, actually think Wikipedia is a source.


What do you think?


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