Idiocracy – Hard Copy

In Nineteen Eighty Four, Winston Smith had a job changing the past to match the present.   George Orwell did not go into deep detail, because at the time there was no ‘on line’.  Everything was in Hard Copy.   What had to be done was to remove yesterday’s Hard Copy so that no one would be able to contrast what is being said today to that which was said yesterday.

Today, this ability to change the past to match the present is in everyone’s hands… the Internet.

Wikipedia entries, from which most people get their ‘information’  can change every hour.  An it empublished last month can be rewritten to match today’s version.

People conect to the Internet toget the ‘latest’ news.  Of course, the truth of that news is difficult to prove, unless one has a hard copy.

With more news ‘papers’ moving awayfrom Hard Copy, it is child’s play to manipulate the past to match the present.

Simply go back, change the archive to match what lies one wishes to push and there it is.

No way to prove that something happened, didn’t happen, was said, was not said ….

The person who remembers and maintains yesterday’s facts can be out shouted, insulted, disregarded.  One  must doubt his or her own memory, when yesterday’s facts have been over written by today’s fallacies.


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