How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 50

One  is accustomed to buying coffee and getting coffee.   One is  accustomed to going to a health centre for health care.

One  makes the ‘leap’ that a writing site creates a platform for writers to express themselves.

That may have been true ten years ago.   There were a number of fantastic writing sites which paid well and reaped 12M hits as a shrug.    Articles would be networked on Stumbleupon, on Reddit, because people wanted to read them.

That was then.

Today, most writing sites have nothing to do with writing. They exist as  for advertisements.

The  owner of the site can get free money by pretending it is a writing site.  Claiming this is a writing site will rope in many writers,    The more people who visit the site every day, the more hits, the more the advertisers pay the Owners.

The people who visit the site are the writers.  Not readers.

Further, the owners of the site  try to pay the writers as little as possible, if at all.

It isn’t that the Owners think;  ‘If I have a great site full of want to read articles, I’ll get a lot of  people piling in to read the work!’, it is that the Owners think,  “If I can get a bunch of idiots, logging on every day, I’ll get a lot of hits.”

The’idiots’ are persons who write.  Most writing sites are visited by those who write there.  The writers are the ones whose ‘hits’ are counted.  The writers hang up the ‘wall paper’ the Ads are hung on the wall paper.

Many Owners, not wanting to pay the writers may limit them to 3 items a day, whether they admit it, or simply block the writer from posting.   Blocking is always done in a sneaky way.

It may be that the writer can’t log on, can’t post an image, etc.

To prevent a writer from reaching a threshold is the point.

The advertisers are paying  members of the site to visit.  There are very few strangers.


What do you think?


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