How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves — part 43

One  of the issues that is no longer as clear as it once was, is how the  writer earns.  This is probably impossible as most publishing sites today  are created as rips.1

In ancient days it was clear;  for example, Triond, which I’ve mentioned before, had various subsites.  Each subsite admitted what it paid; i.e. Newsflavor paid 1c for every 6 views.   You see you have 6000 views you know you have $10.

Today, either they use double talk so you can’t get if a comment is worth 1c or .01c.

As a writer, you must keep a record of your earnings.  When you catch a problem, write a friendly email to the Admin;

“Excuse me, but I don’t fully understand.  I had 58c yesterday when I logged off, and despite having 213 views and 9 comments  today, I am still at 58c.”

The Administrator,  if s/he even answers,  will  usually  lie;  “Your earning are pending” or some other fallacy, but will appreciate that you are not as stupid as their average user.

They may exercise all sorts of tricks to prevent you from contributing  after that, for nothing a site hates more than an intelligent user.  But then,  by not letting you post, they protect you from their rip off.

And if you know what is going on in the ‘online publishing’  world,  you’ve   already published the item on Hubpages, the rip site will have to take your items down.


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