How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 41

When I first began to write online, someone told me about Hubpages, which way back when, had some value. Over the years it has become no more than storage.

This is vital when your laptop dies taking all your work with it. Having storage on Hubpages is a blessing.

Once an item is non-featured it is invisible. You can publish the item elsewhere.

The value of this is that where Hubpages demands long items, modern sites don’t. That is because most people want the information now, not long preambles and explanations.

This allows you to break up one 2k item in four or five articles.

Bubblews was a venue that went down without warning. Having published shards of Hubpages article, it took nothing with it when it went.

Wikinut, however, a once paying site, demanded five images, 2k words, lots of bold and links. It was easy to take a non-featured Hubpage article and spruce it up a bit for Wiki, which paid.

Unlike most sites, Wiki told the public it would no longer be paying at a certain time.

If you join Hubpages you are very likely to be paid, so as to lure you in. Take your coin, and publish until your fingers bleed. When it starts the non-featured rubbish, laugh and post on other sites.


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