How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – Part 24

A major error made by Online Writing Sites is the publication of articles of poor quality. By poor quality I do not simply mean bad spelling or grammar, I mean articles that no one would want to read.

Articles which say nothing.

Before being slapped down as a ‘Content Farm‘, publishing articles which say nothing was ‘standard’ on Hubpages.

The various ‘writers’ (term used loosely) would post an item every day using a different key word but the article itself was no more than a set of meaningless phrases which went on for over 1k words, saying nothing.

The’top’ writers of Hubpages, people who earned hundreds if not thousands of dollars via Adsense (a Google product) ¬†were no more than ‘Find & Replace’ jockeys who posted the same article everyday but with a different key word.

This kind of idiocy should have been caught by the so-called moderators; but Hubpages uses A.I. (then and now). A.I. can not distinguish between empty phrases and substantial prose.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar