How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 48

The average online writer begins full of hope and gullibility.    The average online writer believes the lies and diversions the site offers.

The average user accepts ‘pending’  earnings,  accepts the site ‘going down unexpectedly’,  the need to ‘moderate’ every article;  whatever excuse/explanation/justification the site offers, is accepted.

Overtime the average online writer has various experiences.

On Site 1 there was this ‘pending’ earnings and the next thing  users noticed is that they went from $15.85 to $14.23.

On Site 2 there was this monthly ‘going down unexpectedly’  to the extent that users appreciated;  “Oh, it’s the 6th, site will go down today…”

On Site 3 a user would  post something like;

“Moderation? I deliberately wrote an article with lies, misspellings and grammatical errors….

President Oback Barama was elicted in 2001 as the fortyeth presidime of the Onited Tates…by hands shown eliction”  

which was posted….today.”

On Site 4 users noticed that their articles would sit for a day or two so that their earnings could be capped.

Site 5 just disappeared without paying anyone.

These experiences  make it more difficult for a writing site to fool the now ‘average’ user for anyone who writes online for a year has probably encountered these events as well as others.

Having experiences of this kind of activity destroys the new writing site which tries to trick the public and winds up killing itself.


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