How to Successfully Promote Your Blog Post with Zero Budget

What is a blog? It is just like a journal that you keep with you and pen down your thoughts, your experiences, and your ideas. A blog is that journal, but you publish it online and keep making entries. It is used by individuals and companies in order to share their ideas with the global community that frequents the internet every single day. Blogging services help you achieve the aim of ensuring that your content receives greater quantities of quality traffic.

What Are Blogging Platforms?

It is basically an online platform that you use to put up any material that you wish to share. In recent years, the trend of using these services has grown at an increasing rate. You can go online and literally find thousands and thousands of blogs on almost any topic you can imagine. However, with more and more blogs that are often talking about the same topic as the one you wish to write about, it is important that you use techniques that aim to set your content apart from others.

Use of SEO Blog Writing Services

If you are a company wishing to put up an article about natural fertilizers, in order to educate people about its benefits, so that you can sell it to them easily. However, it will be useless if you do not have an audience. The billions of searches on google every day need to be analyzed and the useful ones need to be separated and brought to your blog. This is not easy and is complicated enough to warrant the need for the services of an SEO expert.

How to Promote My Blog?

By promotion, we refer to effective optimization of our content in such a manner that it automatically appears in the top organic searches of any relevant search on search engines like Google and Yahoo. How to do that? Well, option 1 is to use a good SEO companyOption 2 is the plain old “Do it yourself” approach.

Blogging on a Budget:

Search Engine Optimization might sound complicated, but it is not really that difficult. Here are a few tips you can handle the content relevancy yourself, and make sure that your site stays on top:

  • Use social media. Anyone who does not appreciate the impact of sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., on advertising, is just fooling themselves. Stats show how online promotion on social media has led to increased visits and promotion for many companies. And you don’t need to go for the paid adverts. Just create a page, put up posts, use the correct key terms and hashtags, join niche conversations, follow your audience online and ask people to share your profile. In days and weeks, you will be seeing significant results.
  • Google “social media demographics” and learn about which online platform is most frequently visited by your target audience, and focus on advertising on that platform. It will save time and effort, and you can very easily capture the interest of your target market.
  • Content. Of course, in the end, your promotion is limited by the quality of what you are presenting. If people are influenced by your promotion and visit your page, make sure that they are not disappointed and return with a positive impression, and content they share with others. Not only will it help build up your customer base, but satisfied people will definitely others about your site and thus, you can get free marketing resources.
  • If you think that these tips are enough, you are wrong. In order to attract traffic from the largest search engine there is, you need to do self SEO. Look up the google keyword planner and find relevant keywords that you will use in your article to make sure that it is displayed in high ranking organic results and attract organic traffic. Use YouTube, and other tools in order to learn about the process, and promote your page for free.

Summary: it is a wrong idea that online promotion requires money. It requires brains, skills and tactics that will help you to beat all those inorganic “paid adverts”. Use the simple and effective techniques we have provided you with, and make your online platform more popular than ever before.


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