How to find Right Projection System for Church

Technology is everywhere right from the schools that teach us science to our churches that teach us religion. Almost everywhere where there is a need for communication with larger groups, you will find a projection system. The same goes on with churches, many churches use projection systems in their assemblies and celebrations. If you are also looking to buy such a system for your church, you have come to the right place. Buying a projection system for your church is a responsibility; you want to get the best deal without spending much and at the same time you have to make sure that whatever deal you are getting, it is best for your patrons and visitors. You don’t want people to complain about the poor quality of the projection system you have installed. In this blog, we are sharing some tips to make it easier to select the right projection system.

Follow these tips to make the best choice while buying the projector.

Usage Limit:

The first question to ask yourself while buying a system for your church is to determine the kind of the usage you are going to have. If you have a larger audience, you have to buy projector screen taking that in mind, what size and type you choose eventually is also dependent on the kind of use you are going to have with the projection system. There are many places on the internet that let you buy projectors and let you use the distance calculator to find which projector will be best for you depending on the distance. Depending on the number of people that usually attend events in your church you can choose a projector that is wall mounted or a projector that is portable.

Screen size:

The next thing to choose is the projector screen. There are a range of projector screens available from a simple screen that is put up on a stand to something that is mounted on a wall. The screen you choose will have a very large impact on the results you get so it’s important to invest in the screen. A good screen will not only enhance your projector’s overall output but it will also make it easy to communicate whatever you are showing as the audiences get a better, more clear picture of what you are showing them.

Screen Material:

While choosing the screen, size isn’t the only consideration. You have to consider the material or fabric used in the making of the screen as well. Since you are going to be using your projector in relatively bright lit environments, you will need a screen that is highly reflective for optimum results. 

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Screen Shape:

Next comes the shape of the screen you are using. For a smaller audience, square screens work best as they are easy to install and use less space. If you are going to show content that is wide screen, you have to decide your screen size depending on that.


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