How the Cooling Tower Company Does Its Maintenance

A cooling tower is special equipment used in residential complexes, hospitals, and industries around the world. It is a heat exchange device in which water and air are in direct contact to reduce the temperature of the water circulating in the tower.

Cooling towers store an enormous amount of water. After their construction and deployment, it is time to maintain them. The durability of the cooling tower depends more on the maintenance than the quality of construction. There may be several issues in the cooling tower related to this.

Following are the tips for maintenance by the cooling tower company:

Proper Airflow

Air is the biggest factor which keeps water cool. The complete system can break down if fans do not work properly. The airflow is interrupted because of loose components and unsuitable fan placement. The air may flow wrongly due to poor gearbox maintenance as well as damaged fan wings. It is good to check as the debris can be removed. A tower vacuum can be used for total cleaning. But the build-ups can occur at the bottom of the towers. Since it is tough to reach the bottom, biocides can be added to get rid of build-ups. Biocides kill microbes like bacteria and provide disinfected and clean water.

Remove Scale Deposits

Because the cooling tower water is evaporating, a periodic build-up of scale deposits at the bottom can be noticed. Minerals in the water can create these deposits, particularly if you have problems with water treatment. Limestone build-up can reduce the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system and cause premature damage to the unit. The system must be descaled several times a year to enhance energy conservation and keep monthly bills manageable.

Treat the Water

Poor quality of water causes many diseases like Legionellosis. Therefore, treating water after a specific time is as crucial as keeping the complete HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) system in proper condition. Better water quality prevents scum and build-ups. The poor condition of water can cause the complete system to collapse. By investing in periodic water treatment can keep the water consumable and safe. Experts may be hired by the cooling tower company for help.

Inspection of Water Pump

The water is kept cool in the hottest of weathers by the water pump. To reduce the energy expenditure of the water tower, the pump must perform to its best. It must be ensured that the pump is working well to boost the durability of the system. To keep the tuning of the pump, providing regular lubrication is useful.

Cleaning the Tube

As commonly known, particles like slime, scale, scum, or mud can block the tube completely or partially. It can result in unit-inefficiency and cause the crashing of the complete system. By properly cleaning the tubes, build-ups can be kept at bay from the water tower and offer the freshest water, even after a month. For superior cleaning, professional help can be sought.

Basin and Pan Cleaning

Tower basins must be cleaned and disinfected. These big volume areas are highly critical as they are in contact with much of the cooling tower water. This area permits bacteria to grow. The water is also oxygen-rich and offers a breeding ground for microbial activity.

The pans can sometimes become clogged with debris, which is not removed from the system via normal filtration. All the distribution pans must be opened and cleaned, offering more water flow. Lowered flow from clogged distributors can reduce the ability of the tower to cool water tremendously. When left untreated, this can result in major increases in energy consumption.

These are some tips for maintenance of cooling towers.


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