How Face Verification is Being Used By Different Businesses

Biometric technology is gaining grounds in identity verification procedures and is a somewhat more reliable procedure as compared to good old methods of verification. One of the hottest buzzwords in biometric verification is face verification. And with this has burst open a whole new world of exciting possibilities and challenges for businesses, governments, and individuals alike.

How Face Verification Works?

Face verification is one of the most common and low budget methods to perform biometric authentication. Wondering how it works? A “faceprint” is created by collecting unique information from a person’s face. At the time of customer on-boarding, a faceprint is first examined for verification and to ensure originality that a real person is using their own image to perform facial verification. After that real faceprint is stored in the central databank of a business and every time that person asks for access to perform a transaction or to perform any other thing, they are required to prove their identity through face verification. At that point, that unique faceprint that was stored will be used as a benchmark for cross-matching the provided facial proof by a user.

Where is Facial Recognition Being Used?

There are various platforms in our daily life where face verification is being used and employed weather for amusement factor or verification purposes. Some examples are:

  • Facebook 

It is perhaps the most common example of modern facial recognition systems at work. As soon as you upload a photo, the social network is able to detect faces. While some time ago you were asked to tag friends, now Facebook is able to do so on its own. A cool new application by Facebook is the feature of informing users when photos containing their faces are uploaded by someone, even if they’ve not been tagged in those photos.

  • Uber 

Uber has been battling privacy and safety concerns for a while now, and the newest weapon in the company’s arsenal is facial recognition. The company has come up with a new feature where its driver-partners’ identity is verified by using their faces that too by giving selfie. The company says on its blog that after testing several facial recognition technologies, they settled on Microsoft Face API for its high quality.

  • Healthcare 

Healthcare has recently had an unexpected application, where facial recognition helped detect a rare genetic disorder called DiGeorge Syndrome. The healthcare problem, in this case, is more severe for poor countries, who don’t have the resources to go for expensive diagnosis methods. It also helps in verification and detection purposes by many insurance companies.

Travel and Tourism:

Face verification is being widely used by travel and tourism companies to detect and know their clients. Moreover its widely used in airports to increase the workflow and to run security process more accurately.

Needless to say, face verification is being widely used by many business for verification purposes. Its use is increasing with every passing day. It is verily to assist human being in all possible ways.The healthcare problem, in this case, is more severe for poorer countries, who don’t have the resources to go for expensive diagnosis methods.


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