How Does a Video File Get Damaged? How To Repair a Corrupt Video File?

Creating a video needs spending the hours and days of efforts. One of the worst frustrations in creating a video by spending loads of effort and time and then get a message that your video file is corrupted. Various types of errors and incidents can happen while trying to import a video file. For instance, lines obscure the video footages, or they are open at all, or a part of frame in that video is missing

To avoid the problem before it occurs, make sure to back up your video files on the cloud or locally so that you can access your files.

How do audio and video files end up corrupted or broken in the first place? There are many reasons including;

  1. A video file is infected with a virus
  2. Drone shock or camera shock or crash
  3. During the conversion of the file to other formats
  4. Sudden power or battery surge while transferring, editing or playing even.
  5. Power or server failure.
  6. Dead battery while shooting
  7. A malfunctioning flash card or a faulty slot
  8. The camera turned off while recording
  9. Broken or dropped camera or device
  10. Camera damages during a car crash
  11. Collision

Water damages

Mentioned above are a few major reasons why a video file gets damaged or corrupted. It isn’t possible to repair every corrupted video file. Fortunately there some solutions out there that you can try to fix these problems.

Here is the list of some solutions to repair damaged or corrupted video files.


This is not a software but online audio or video repairing service that helps you to repair, recover or fix unplayable audio and video files online.

It allows you to restore unplayable media or audio files that have been corrupted or damaged while recording. You can also recover files that are formatted or deleted.

You only need to provide an excellent playable reference video or audio file from the same camera or device that was recorded with the similar settings of that corrupted file. With the help of this file, their system will extract the metadata necessary to finish your corrupted audio file.

Stellar Phoenix Video Repair

This is a tool that helps you to repair multiple video files for both Mac and PC. It allow you to repair variety of formats including .asf, .wmv, .mov, as well as .mp4. You can repair major of concerns like audio breakage, time lapse, format changes, and fault with movement and header error.

The best feature of Steller Phoenix is that you can add multiple files simultaneously. It can also fix files on storage media devices, hard disks, and memory cards.

VLC Media Player

This is free and can support files like .mov, .mp4, .qrtm and .avi files. To recover video files, you need to follow these 6 steps;

  1. Go to “Tools”
  2. Select “Preferences”
  3. Click “Inputs/Codecs”
  4. Scroll sidebar & identify the section “Damaged or incomplete AVI file”
  5. Select “Always Fix”
  6. Save your preference & Play error-free video.


Among the above three, I recommend Restore.Media to be one of the best solutions to repair video files. Their customer support is up to the mark, and you can better explain to them the importance of your valuable moments so that they can go some extra miles and help you to get your job done.


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