Google Map includes two new features for vehicle speed

There are features available in connection with travel trips and route information in Google Map, but now it has added new features, which will be able to inform people about how fast the vehicle is going to drive.

According to the Technology Website report recently, the latest report by the Android, that The Google Map includes Speed Limit and Speed Trap features for the speed of the vehicle.

With these additional features, users will receive instructions on Google Map, and wow fast they should drive on the road and how fast they are driving at that time. In addition to this, Google Audio will also help the traveler about vehicle speed.

Both features will be given on the left side of the map, Speed feature will be clear from the vehicle speed when the speed trap feature will be like the camera icon. While traveling through different places during the journey, there are many roads on which the vehicle should run slowly, But most people drive with very careless speed, which may prove dangerous, That’s why the main feature has been introduced to control speed in the Google Map.

This feature is currently available in San Francisco but it may be soon available to all users.


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