Getting Your AEM Implementation Right on the First Go

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a content and digital asset management system which is used for building websites, forms, digital communities, mobile applications, and on-screen experiences. AEM is highly customizable and provides flexible features. It is arguably the most ‘open’ commercial platform in the market. AEM implementation is a complex process, but if you understand the process correctly, then you can easily handle it.

  • Do your design work:   

AEM offers several efficiencies that can drive processes and publish with speed and agility. It also helps to control the brand and design consistently. It helps the designer to think differently and understand specifically. But if you do not get stakeholder alignment on the goals, then you’ll slow yourselves down and struggle with the objection of agency partners.

  • Prioritize your change management:

Do not underestimate the change management, which will be required for your development and content management team. Governance matters the most when it comes to AEM implementation. You must understand what you need to do differently, which will also include your roles, skills, collaboration, process, and governance. You will also need to create and maintain content. It is true if you are looking to pursue a distributed publishing model, always ensure that you are working with an experienced partner who you trust and can help you to achieve your specific result.

  • Build your team:  

Ensure that you have content management, project management, and IT teams who have specific experience in the field. Set the expectation bar high and tell them this group will operate as a singular team with a clear vision for success. The inability to affect any change and lack of true leadership is the common reason that the realization of value is delayed after investment in AEM.

4. Anticipate time and configuration cost:                                                                                                               AEM is not a complete product as the customer often assumes. It depends on the requirement. It also can provide a varied type of custom software development as well as knowledgeable resources in designing and creating experiences according to the brand and marketing strategy. Do not underestimate the amount of customization needed to build your exact experience to meet your exact requirements will consume a lot of time and leave customers incredibly frustrated.

5.    Consider managed hosting:

Take time to consider managed hosting as a viable option. IT teams tend to move toward the on-premise solutions due to their perception of security requirements. But it is common for them that they are not well-equipped for a long-term commitment. AEM managed service takes the issue out of the frequent updates or upgrades. However, frequent updates or upgrades are the indications of an innovated partner who is committed to constant improvement, new features, and functionality.

These are the reasons why AEM implementation is very essential for digital marketing and how it can help your business to design and innovate for a new product.


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