Forbes Predictions For 2020, In Simpler Terms

“This the season” isn’t just related to the fact that everyone is getting slightly fatter and ready to celebrate Christmas with his/her parents, but also is the time of the year for which many business analysts sit down and process what is Forbes’ prediction on the next big trend in business, technology and everything in between. Let’s try to break down what the popular business mag is listing as the future (imminent) of business.

Ai Everything 

In 2019, the commercial value of Ai-related concepts has grown by over 400% compared to 2018, meaning that 400% more companies have been investing in artificial intelligence. Not to be confused with machine learning, AI in business has been seen from fintech to warehouse management (see the Alibaba experiment) but, basically, its applications have all been related to automating specific sections of the business of choice. Forbes said that artificial intelligence has been a highly competitive sector from both a development perspective and from a simply business-related one. With this being said, it’s definitely safe to say that it will still be one of the biggest topics of 2020.

Slim Finance 

If there’s a business sector which has received an insanely big influx of investments, that would definitely be fintech. Finance technology as a whole was born to speed up bulky and slow financial processes like mortgages and loans of any kind. In 2020, the usage of Python and other forms of data science to improve risk management will very likely change real estate matters like compulsory purchase order, for example. The entire fintech sector currently is valued over $1 billion. Forbes evaluated the usage of fintech-oriented pieces of tech to over $4 billion before 2021.

Cloud Architectures 

In the past 10 years, we went from CD, to USB to Cloud. In 2020, businesses in the world will very likely start using hyper cloud architectures not just to host features and data, but to use complicated services and even entire machines. The power of the cloud is something which is very tangible in today’s business world and it’s very likely to grow massively in this 2020, with companies like Microsoft moving a lot of their flagship pieces of software into the cloud.

To Conclude 

These three were the biggest trends listed by Forbes for businesses in 2020. Are they really groundbreaking or are they just mere speculations of the fact that technology is a simple bandwagon nowadays? We’ll see next year.


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Written by Ifan Faris

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