Five Features that make Auto-Ds best for managing a shopping site

People are finding innovative ways to do business. With the increase in the popularity of e-retailers, a new concept has taken birth in the form of Dropshipping. Dropshipping is a simple retail fulfilment method where the store does not stock the product it sells. It purchases the ordered products from a third party seller and ships it directly to the buyer without even seeing or handling the product. Now, you need to exercise control over the inventory even though it never reaches your store. Dropshipping software solutions like AutoDS make it easy to manage a shopping site. Let us look at autods pricing and other aspects while going through five features that make AutoDS best for managing a shopping website.

Order Entry

The job of a dropshipping company starts from receiving an order from a prospective buyer. AutoDS is an efficient dropshipping software solution that helps to keep a tab on the orders and manage messages concerning the orders. AutoDS can save hours of tedious work for the dropshipping company. This automation feature present in AutoDS can help prevent cancellations and losses because it does not take much time for placing the order with the supplier the moment it receives it from the purchases. The use of AutoDS helps in minimising the time lost in the intervening process.

Another advantage of using AutoDS is that it oversees the prices and service changes almost every hour. In case it notices a change, the software has a feature whereby it sends a product update immediately to the customer. This feature plays a tremendous role in reducing cancellations and returning of the consignments.

Inventory Optimization

Generally, the dropshipping Company does not maintain any inventory at all. Its entire inventory is in transit. However, there is a need to manage this inventory and track it from time to time. AutoDS helps in tracking such inventory items and ensuring its optimisation. AutoDS assigns individual tracking numbers for each inventory item and shares it with the concerned purchaser and seller. It enables them to track the inventory from the place of dispatch to the ultimate destination as well.

Feedback Management

Customer feedback is vital for any business entity to perform in this competitive environment. The dropshipping company is responsible for securing customer feedback and passing it over to the supplier. It can be a challenging issue without the use of an adequate software solution to take care of the same. AutoDS has a fantastic Feedback Management System where there is an exchange of feedback the moment the customer gives it. This system ensures that the customer receives a message via email as well as SMS about the delivery of the consignment. The feedback format accompanies the message whereby the customer can give an immediate response. It simplifies the customer’s job considerably as he/she can submit the feedback instantaneously. AutoDS ensures that the input reaches the supplier at the same speed at which it receives the same.

AutoDS also ensures to increase your positive feedback by nearly 60% because it sends a minimum of three personalised messages to the customers seeking positive feedback.

Key Performance Indicators

AutoDS enables your business to get a comprehensive picture of your business by displaying the critical performance indicators on the advanced dashboard. It analyses your performance by way of graphs, filters, and other bulk systems. You get an idea as to where your efforts are lacking whereby you can take remedial steps to rectify the mistakes.

AutoDS provides you with detailed reports and statistics on your key performances to ensure that enables you to improve in the future. You can also use these performances indices to understand the ongoing trends in the market.

Returns Tracking

A challenging issue for every e-retailer is the tracking of the returns. Customers have the right to return the goods if they find it defective or different from the one they ordered. Under such circumstances, the e-retailer has the responsibility to accept the return and initiate the refund if the return of the goods is valid. The role of the dropshipping company comes to the fore because the e-retailers use the same route for processing the returns that they had used for supplying the goods.

AutoDS has an effective Returns Tracking solution whereby it becomes comfortable for the dropshipping company to collect the return from the customer and process it. AutoDS makes the procedure simple for the company to ensure customer satisfaction.

AutoDS Pricing

The AutoDS pricing is a simple affair where you have several packages starting from the Trial offer for the new dropshipper to the advanced dropshipper. You can choose the plan that suits you the best depending upon your level of business. The rates are reasonable and affordable. AutoDS is indeed one of the best dropshipping software solutions for managing a shopping website.


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