Five Facts Every Business Owner Needs to Know about Social media & SEO

Companies that are relatively new to digital marketing have a common misconception that SEO and social media are independent entities. However, the truth is that these two concepts are integrated and often affect one another. They both work together in the favour of your brand to create relevance for the audience. A thorough digital marketing strategy involves the fusion of social media marketing and SEO to generate the best results. Here are a few points about how social media and SEO are related:

1. Social Media Enables Content Promotion:

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram allow the companies to share content that links back to their website. You might create excellent content that is very engaging and compelling. But, sharing it on social media will boost its visibility. Social media provides the much-needed exposure which your brand deserves. It also enables people to share the content which, in turn, contributes to brand awareness. The traffic generated due to social media improves the time-on-site engagement which is crucial for SEO. The engagement metrics are bound to signify the credibility of your site.

2. Social Media Increases Your Number of Followers:

A Twitter account with 1000 followers is less likely to be ranked higher than one with 10k followers. Fun fact: social media marketing increases your number of followers. However, the catch is that Google analyses how genuine your followers are. If most of your followers are proxy followers then you might not get the ranking bonus. This is why it is advised to always generate organic following. As long as you are consistent, you can slowly ace the following game. It is important to directly engage with customers and followers to keep them interested.

3. Optimising the Posts for Searches:

The top sections of search engines are also trending social media updates, apart from news and knowledge graph entries. The first step here is to come up with unique and interesting content. It could be a catchy infographic, a video, text, or a mix of them. Next, you need to include all the relevant, as well as seasonal keywords. By practising this, the chances of your website ranking higher increases. Using general keywords also increase the timeliness of your ranking. Several businesses use this strategy to rank higher by crafting content on trending topics. The best social media marketing agency will know exactly how to tweak the posts to make them relevant for current searches.

4. Increased Brand Awareness Improves your SEO Ranking:

As mentioned above, social media highly contributes to brand awareness. Your target audience starts familiarising with your brand and the engagement improves. Maintaining a consistent and good online image improves your SEO ranking. It causes the brand searches to increase with time. When the brand searches increase, your website starts to rank even for the non-brand keywords.

5. Locally-Optimised Content:

Social media gives you an opportunity to engage with the local community. This improves your credibility as a local-specific website on search engines. Participate with local brands and community and then post the images on your social channels. You will gain more visibility with local searches as a result. Another method is to post guest blogs on famous local company’s website. This contributes to your traffic and thus improves your ranking.

Thus, understanding the connection between social media and SEO will help you leverage it for your benefit. The two concepts are integrated and your brand can gain more engagement as well as visibility with the right tricks. A social media agency can help you achieve the same faster while providing tangible results.

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