First technology review – DJ Phantom 3 Drone

As promised here is the first of my technical reviews.

I am rating and reviewing the DJ Phantom 3 drone. I don’t have the 4, I thought about upgrading but the one I have is perfect for what I need right now.

Drone requirements (for me initially)

  1. Easy to fly
  2. Integration with a device so I can quickly grab the video images and share them
  3. GPS so it can follow me when I am wandering

Based on the first requirement I have tried about 5 different drones. The problem with most of them is that they fly well but the controls are hard. In part because, some of them use tablets and phones as the actual controller and I am not coordinated enough for that to be viable. There are several Drones on the market that can be managed with your phone. If you are not coordinated enough (like me) to understand the reality of a drone flying, you may struggle with these as I did.

Drone flying is a little different. You are flying a remote device. The remote device is moving in relation to the controls you have in your hands. The first rule of thumb is set to home with every slight. Once the drone turns on, and you are ready to fly set that location as home. That way if you get in trouble while flying you can always press home and the Drone will return.

The other thing I learned recently, check for Hawks in the air. Apparently, they do not like Drones flying in their space.

I modified my initial easy to fly, too easy to fly using the Yoke. A yoke is similar to the old Radio Controlled systems I used to use back in the day (flying RC planes) and is a familiar setup for me.

In the end, I choose the DJ Phantom 3 as mentioned above as the drone I would use.

My overall rating for the device is broken into three distinct ratings.

  1. My rating for the yoke controller for the Phantom series of Drones is a 8.
  2. My rating for the software included with the Phantom is a 8.
  3. My rating for the overall smoothness and fun of the flying experience is a 10.

My overall rating for the DJ Phantom 3 Drone series is an 8.5!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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