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Instagram was developed in 2010 and it was meant to be a social platform for sharing photos and videos. However, in the last few years, Instagram became more than that. The social media has more than a billion active users per month and it is not a platform for only sharing selfies anymore. Instagram also provides very useful marketing tools that can bring lots of benefits to all kinds of businesses if they know how to use the tools. In this article, we are going to check some famous brands that managed to grab the opportunities Instagram provides and increase their sales and income even more.

  • Supreme. Supreme is an American clothing brand. Their clothes and products represent hip-hop and skateboarding culture. It was developed in 1994 in New York. The brand produces clothes, shoes, skateboards, and accessories. Supreme has its retail location all around the world – Europe, The United States, Japan and many more. You can check and follow them on Instagram – @supremenewyork. They have 13,8 million people following them. They post great and interesting content every day and manage to engage their audience fully.
  • Nike. The world’s biggest provider of athletic shoes and sports equipment Nike was founded in January 1964. It takes its name from the Greek God of victory -Nike. The brand is famous worldwide and has millions of customers from all points in the world. The brand is valued at around $30 billion. On Instagram, the company has almosts 100 million Instagram followers and we can say that the brand beats the competition when it comes to marketing strategy on Instagram. However, they may use some suppliers to grow their accounts and buy quality Instagram likes from providers. The team that is taking care of Nike’s Instagram page posts stunning content and attract more potential customers. They also inspire and motivate people as their logo is “Just do it”. Also, they out in their bio section “ If you have a body, you are an athlete” which is very inspiring, isn’t it?
  • Adidas. Adidas is an international company, which was founded in Germany by Adolf Dassler. The brand designs accessories, clothing, and shoes and it is the second-largest sportswear company in the world, after Nike. It is first in Europe though. Their logo is three stripes which are used as a marketing aid. The company sponsors famous football, basketball, cricket, and many more sports-related teams. On Instagram, Adidas has 25 million followers. The brand shares lifestyle content and awesome product teasers. Adidas has a unique marketing strategy on Instagram that helps the company to drive a lot of traffic to their account and increase their sales.
  • Victoria’s Secret. One of the most famous brands for women’s’ lingerie and beauty products Victoria’s Secret was founded in 1977. The company sells lingerie, sleepwear, activewear for the gym and beauty products. The brand also has its own annual show where they promote their products. Every year the top models from all around the world are selected to perform in the show. The first show was in 1995 and it is happening every year since then. The brand is more than successful and the company is followed by almost 69 million people on Instagram. They post amazing pictures of top models wearing the luxury lingerie Victoria’s Secret design.

To manage to create a successful brand on Instagram, there are many steps companies should follow. They should engage their audience with great and unique content, be more in touch with their customers’ needs and try to satisfy them as much as possible. However, the brands we mentioned were worldwide famous before the development of Instagram and the task to improve their sales through the application is easier for them.


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