Double Your Followers on Instagram With Professional Graphic Design

As an online business, you must have a social media presence in the market for your website. There is a lot of competition out there, and to grab the attention of the targeted audience, you must focus on both content and design. It is here that graphic design plays a significant role in promoting and marketing your website.

The importance of graphic design 

Design can convert leads into sales if done correctly. For instance, when you visit a website or a social media business page, what do you look at first?

Yes, the design and layout of the page should be appealing to invoke the next step – read the content. This means if you visit a profile and come across visuals that are not professional, you will skip it and move on to the next site.

From the above, it is evident that graphic design is crucial to the success of your business. Experts in the field of social media marketing state in the case of visual platforms like Instagram, this holds true as well. It is crucial for you to focus on the graphic design of the page. If you are using a WordPress website, you get the benefits of a WordPress Instagram theme or plugin that is available for free or a price from the official WordPress site. This means you not only get a visually appealing website, but you get a profile that attracts likes and views. You can further get more likes, views, and followers by using Where you can buy them for your Instagram business profile. Remember, if you do not have a good number of likes, views, and followers online visitors will ignore your profile.

Can graphic design help you in social media marketing?

Many business owners ignore the importance of graphic design when it comes to their social media platforms. However, if you are willing to promote your business on a social media platform like Instagram, it is high time for you to recognize its importance if you want to establish a strong brand presence in the online market. Your Instagram page should have the right layout of photographs and videos so that the targeted audience is attracted. The moment they land on the page, they should be of the view that the formatting and layout are professional enough to make them stay on the profile and check out the products you have to offer. You may add a photo gallery to your profile where the online visitor may check out the products you have on offer. You may create a Look Book with prices if you are into e-commerce like fashion and beauty. Working with professional graphic designers will help you connect with your targeted audience better.

Instagram and its benefits for your business 

Instagram is beneficial for your business primarily because you have over 800 million registered users in the age group of 18 years to 30 years to reach out to. This means you get a large chunk of customers in your business niche to reach out to. Instagram is a mobile platform that can be conveniently downloaded on your smartphone. There is a large array of photo filters you can use to reach out to the targeted audience. For posting photographs, you do not need a sophisticated camera for the task.

Wield the power of Instagram and graphic design together

You can efficiently combine Instagram and graphic design to create a powerful appeal in the market. As mentioned above, if you are using WordPress for your business website install WordPress Instagram plugins and themes to make your page more attractive. Allow your online visitors to get regular updates about Instagram posts and the latest range of products you have introduced in the market. All this can be done with the aid of graphical design. The color, the font, the lines, etc. They should be created well and synced with your business in such a way they send a powerful verbal message.

The importance of a logo for your business 

Do you know that your logo plays a significant role in the successful promotion and marketing of your business on Instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? When it comes to logo design, ensure it is professional and sends your business message to the targeted audience efficiently. Experts in the field of digital marketing state you must use your logo as your profile picture in all social media business accounts. The targeted audience can find and connect with you easily. Since Instagram is a visual platform, ensure you have a professional looking logo with the right corporate colors for better views that convert into followers. In case you are not sure about your logo, consult professional web and graphic design companies for help!

Visuals make a powerful impact on your followers 

Colors and photo filters should be consistent when you are using Instagram for business marketing and promotion. This means when you are posting pictures on Instagram ensure you use the same photo filter as this promotes consistent. Track performance and double followers with making changes as and when required to your business profile. Take the help of professional graphic designers to create photo contest posts and other visual data that will make an impact. Consult professional companies only for improving graphic design of your Instagram page. These companies have experience and proven track records when they are working with clients. They understand the needs of your business and create innovative designs that work well.

Therefore, if you are a business owner and have ignored the importance of graphic design for your business to date, it is never too late for you to start now. Take the help of professionals that are aware of Instagram and allow them to help you when it comes to the promotion and marketing of your profile in the online market. You will gradually find a marked improvement when your views, followers and post likes increase!


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Written by Eric Reyes