Cyber Mistakes you should Never Make – 39

That so many women were tricked by a young Nigerian scammer is a shoulder shrug.  It happens every day.  It happens on every dating site.  In fact, every site where you think you are writing to…. (fill in the blank)… but are instead writing to Scammer.

Scammer has pretended to be an old school friend of an elderly lady in New York, (he read things she posted online about her High School friends),  pretended to be a single mom with a son and corresponded with a woman who had a son just that age.

Whatever can be used by scammer to lure you into their clutches, will be used.

The wisest thing is to only share, really share, with people you have coffee with; that is people you know in real life.

Those you don’t know, keep them at arm’s length.  Assume they are not who they seem to be.

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