Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 37

In my actual email account, (in the Spam folder) is a message from F-acebook.  

Notice; F-acebook… this means it is NOT FACEBOOK.  It is pretending to be Facebook.

Although I haven’t bothered to open it, the heading is: !!New Login to your Facebook Account!!

Now, as I DO NOT have a Facebook Account in my name, nor have I used my real email account  to join anything  I knew this was a scam.

However, this is the kind of Scam that thousands of people will fall for.

Thousands of people won’t have an alarm go off when they see F-acebook or F.acebook or any of a dozen tricks that hackers use.

Thousands of people will click on that ’email’ and give away their account.

If you, as I, join writing sites, social sites, etc. in nicknames and use crap mail accounts, then anything like this scam bounces off.

If you don’t, and dare to open the scam… you might as well walk naked down King Street.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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