Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 31

Back Ups

Losing information, whether on a crashing computer, or swallowed by a glitchy site can be avoided.

There are many ways to back up information.   These are the easiest.

When it comes to online writing, pop over to Hubpages.  Open an account, and post your work.   It should be ‘non-featured’ within a day or two, because Hubpages hates to pay.

Hubpages is a ridiculous site that went from top to bottom in a virtual eye blink.  To maintain itself as some kind of writing site so as to suck in advertisers,  it is happy to claim 12 Million users…(or whatever rubbish it is spewing today).

It will publish your item, then, drop it to ‘non-featured’ .   When it is non-featured,  your article can not be seen.   Not seen, and no plag checker can find it.

Now you post it on a writing site.

If the site doesn’t pay, if it goes down, if your computer crashes; the copy on Hubpages remains.

For more sensitive work,  use your email account as a bank.   Save the document as a draft.   If  your computer crashes, you can easily retrieve the item from your email.

Backing things up on thumb drives is okay, but these have to be protected from loss and picking up malware.

Then, there is the ‘cloud’.

Some cost for storage, some are free.  Do a search.

In this way you don’t lose anything

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