Cyber Mistakes you should Never Make – 29

It can not be over stated   never pay for what you can get for free.   Whether an application, a program, a service, to pay for something that is obtainable free is not merely stupid, but questionable.

This is because scam artists will sell you free services, packaged under a different name.

A scam artiste can, for example, create a front page and sell you access to television programs.  You see all the programs you can get for that yearly fee.    You join the site, pay your fee, log on, and are taken to a page where you can click on the various programs.

That page is part of a free site.   The site anyone can go to directly without paying a cent, joining or logging in.

A scam artiste will sell you ‘mal protection’  which you can get for free.

If you are doing sensitive things, you should use the Dark Web,  if you are not, the free malware protectors are good enough.

What you do is search for “Best Free [whatever]”,  be it word processing programs, maps, etc.  Find them, check them.   There are many sites which test these programs and judge them.

Many are as good as, if not better than the paid products.

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