Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 24

One of the biggest rip offs is the sale of mal ware protectors.   People have spent nearly $100 to buy some program when they could get the same protection for FREE.

Put it  simply, if you need to keep your stuff super safe, you use the Dark Web.

If you are merely sending emails and posting on Facebook… what are you paying for?

Protection from what?

Hack into banks, hack into the accounts of millionaires, hack into accounts where there is sensitive data, hack into accounts where you get leverage.

Why hack into an account where all you get are passwords to Facebook, a writing site, an email account;  all owned by no one in particular?’

Sure, getting the private email of a major player on the world stage is one thing, the private email of a grandmother in Cleveland?

It is amazing to learn that those whose computer could be left open in a library as nothing on that computer is worth hacking are tricked into paying big money for protection they can easily download for free.

Further, some of these ‘protection’ programs have backdoors and the exact thing you are using to protect your computer is what is destroying it.


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