Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 20

Always Another  Site

In early days of the Internet, there might be one Star Trek Site.   There might be one site which dealt with Vegan Cooking.   Today, there are dozens of sites, in some cases, hundreds.  All you have to do, is find them.

You learn not to rely on Google because it always puts its advertisers and Wikipedia on the front page, while far better sites which don’t host Adsense, (a Google product) are pushed to the rear, if even listed.

You go to places like which doesn’t keep a record of your searches.

If you compare what you see when you do a search on Google to what you see when you search on duckduckgo, or other such engines, you will enter a world of sites you never knew existed.

Sites which are more on point than Google ever was.

This is just an example of finding other sites, of being aware that there always are other sites.


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