Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 15

Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into arguments which result in the admission of your details.

Often, people might want to provoke you so that angrily you respond;  “I’ve been (fill in the  details) for thirty years.”

This allows the person to pinpoint your identity, and once one can differentiate John Smith the lawyer from John Smith the police officer, from John Smith the banker…

well, you see how the scammer can use the information.

Although one might wish to discuss things and share things, and interact on the Internet, one has to be alert  to the over population of criminals, scammers, tricksters, trolls, hackers, and the like.

The less you share the more difficult it becomes to pinpoint who you are.

The more one knows about you, the easier it is to ‘Catfish’, that is to play someone else.

Just imagine if you used your real name on Facebook and I did a search to learn what High School you went to, then pretended to be someone who attended that school…  …?


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