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Common Client Concerns When Engaging Remote IT Talent

Everyone with customers faces concerns and complaints: Shops while choosing foods, at clothes stores, while touching the textile of a dress, etc. They appear not only in some routine situations but also when there is a need to select a trusted IT firm for site or app development. The client always needs a stable and simple product with big amount of functionality at a low rate. So complaints and concerns will always appear during the working process, service providers just need to get used to it. As we, at MPS, already did, our sales managers and business analysts can share their great experiences in facing unpredictable concerns and finding successful resolutions for them.

An array of the most frequent clients’ concerns

You should be attentive and remember that the more concerns your client has, the more reasons to quit appear in his/her mind. That’s why we recommend discussing all the possible misconceptions in advance so at the very beginning. A sales manager or business analyst should gain a client’s trust so she/he isn’t afraid to ask any questions. You should keep in mind that these questions must be warmly greeted and served with an efficient solution.

Client’s question №1

If the developers don’t like the project idea, do they build it worse?


When a project comes to the development team, they don’t judge it. They start going deep into its nature with interest and passion and judge it from the technical point: the possibility of building the required functionality and delivering it.

Client’s question №2

How are we going to go through a language barrier?


The English language became an obligatory point to enter an IT world so most developers can’t get a job without knowledge of English at the Intermediate level. Moreover, Ukrainian development companies are interested in their employees’ improvement, that’s why they have regular English classes or courses for staff to attend and train their language skills.

Client’s question №3

How can I trust you my ideas?


Before the start of working on every project, our company signs NDA which means that all the project information is confidential and all the development docs are owned by the Client.

Client’s question №4

Can the cost be changed after the start of the development process?


Often the Client comes with additional requirements after the start of development, so it needs to be discussed, analyzed and built. That is the reason of cost raise, but it’s reasonable. If the Client wants to reduce the risk of cost raise, he/she must prepare max-detailed requirements and project descriptions.

Client’s question №5

Do you always deliver projects on time?


The delivery moment depends on a huge number of issues. It’s impossible to take into consideration all of them. 3rd party services integration is the very example of such a factor – we can’t fully control it for meaningful reasons. Our team does its best to launch a product at the discussed time and goes the extra mile if something goes wrong. The main rule for us is to omit the rush in order to hold the quality of the product at the highest level. Hurrying isn’t a helper in such situations.

Client’s question №6

How can I be sure that the development team won’t disappear after the work started?


The answer depends on your choice of a development company or team. Freelancers are hard to believe because they usually don’t care about their reputation and can escape easily. Also, if a company presenter doesn’t want to set a contract or NDA, it’s hard to trust the business for such people. Multi-Programming Solutions is a registered outsourcing company that performing legally and formalizes every partnership with MSA(Master Service Agreement) and SO(Service Orders).

Client’s question №7

How will I control your work if your office is located far from my place?


Business owners, who need to hire an outsourcing development company, mostly ask this question first. It appears due to a company location that can be in a different part of the world and a time zone. We, at MPS, use many ways to show the development progress and the whole workflow. When a project comes to us, it gets a definite project manager who is responsible for organizing the working process. Moreover, in our company you have your own “lawyer” who is the sales manager, you signed the contract with. He/she checks the project commitments execution. Besides, when the Client and the sales manager discuss the requirements, they agree in a specific frequency of presenting project status reports and setting calls. An IT-oriented management tool Jira helps us to perform them and coordinate the work. Nowadays all the problems with time zones can be avoided thanks to modern technologies and discussion of appropriate time for calls.

Client’s question №8

Are you sure that you have enough experience to deliver high-quality services?


Being on the IT services market for almost 14 years, we gained our reputation as a trusted outsourcing company and want to uphold it. That’s why we use our own management approaches and strategies to provide professional services on e-commerce, casino gaming and custom solutions markets.

Final Words

It’s not easy to choose an outsourcing IT company which you can trust your idea of the future product you put your heart and soul in. Many concerns and worrying questions gain control of businessmen’s brains and don’t allow them to bring their new site or app to life. Multi-Programming Solutions understand this feeling and want to ruin all the concerns to prove the existence of professional and responsible companies that the Client wants to believe.


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