China’s stealth technology Failed the radar technology

China’s multi-purpose multi-roll fighter J-16 plane has been shaped and colored with a chemical, which has ability to fail the radar technology and it is capable of carrying all the weapons to target the targets on the ground.

China’s official broadcasting agency has reported, aviation brigade of the Liberation Army Air Force exercised at night and day in the last week of January, which was attended by J-16.

Brigade Commander Jiang Jia Gee talking to China’s National Broadcasting Agency, saying that J-16 has been colored with special type of gray colored, and its big achievement to defeat radar technology ans success in stealth technology, and it’s almost impossible to find it with the eyes of human and radar.

Fu Kianshu, Air force expert in China told the Global Times that, J-16 aero dynamics design is very helpful in moving into its atmosphere and  hidden from the radar. But now it’s even more difficult to find it specially because of special paint.

experts says  it have ability to carry eight tonnes of missiles and bombs.

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