Cell Phone Addiction – part 8

Once you realise you are addicted to your phone, you begin to break the addiction.   No matter how you manage it, it is difficult.   This is because you have handed your soul over to an appliance.

You must have your ‘owner’ in your hand or pocket at all times.

Think of it.  You are going to the bathroom, and have to carry the cell.   You are throwing out the garbage, and have to carry your  cell.   You are walking in a hallway with other people, and talking on your cell.

Think of it,  you are having a ‘private’ conversation any passerby can hear.   You are incapable of leaving that phone in your room.   Physically incapable.

If you want a panic attack, try leaving your phone at home when you go shopping.

You can’t do it, can you?

Give me all the excuses about ‘important’  phone calls.

In truth 99% of all calls are not that kind of important.     It is  that you have a psychological problem and knowing about it allows you to solve it.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar