Cell Phone Addiction – part 4

This is not the days when a cell phone was merely a phone.

This is the time of Mind Control.  Where human beings can be herded as sheep without even knowing it.  Where they can be so distracted that they are unaware of what is actually happening around them, to them.

They are blind and deaf to realty.  All that matters is what is on the phone.

Whether you want to discuss the radiation a phone puts off which effects brain cells or simply the distraction of a ‘Smart’ phone, the fact is, people are as addicted to their phones as a heroin addict is to his drug.

Many unattractive people, for example, deal with their sense of inferiority by always being on their phone.  You will see them walking with the phone to their ear, entering a shop, talking to the phone, trying to prove to others that they matter.

The use of the cell phone by persons the politically incorrect would call ‘ugly’,  as a ego prop is wide spread.  The psychological crutch is going to be difficult to remove.   It is a bulwark against that feeling of isolation that many ugly people experience.


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