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Cell Phone Addiction – 24 (conclusion)

The day you can shut off your phone,  or keep it on silent,  the day you can leave the house without it, you have broken the addiction.

The day you can walk outside and see the world, talk to people,  the day you can place what you are doing over the cell phone, you are free.

Think of it like this, I am lounging in a nice warm bubble bath, I have nothing to do.   I call you…

You are in traffic or struggling at work, you are talking to someone, maybe crossing the street, maybe walking on rough pavement,  and you answer.

I have nothing to say, but you… you get into an accident, or you annoy your boss, or you turn from the person in front of you to answer, or you step in front of a car, or fall on the street.  Because you answered the call.

Always vision the person on the other side is lounging and if you aren’t lounging, don’t answer until you are lounging.

If you can do that; you’ve broken your addiction.


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