Cell Phone Addiction – 23

Addiction has a price.

When a company is downsizing, the first move is to get rid of all those addicted to their cell phones.  It’s very easy.   See who is talking at 10 am come back at 12 and see if they are still talking.

If they are, they are the first to go.

So you lose the job because you needed to babble on the phone during working hours.   Maybe when you go to an interview for your next job, the cell will ring and you’ll answer it.  That would be great, for the company you applied to will know not to hire you.

When you are driving, if you are lucky, you’ll only get into a small accident, not a fatal one, while you are  yammering on the cell.

After all, the cell rings, you must answer!

You can’t put it on silent, you can’t shut it off!

The Cell Phone rules!

You are just its slave!

Accept it.   Your cell phone controls you.   Your cell phone rules.   You are just an attachment.


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Written by jaylar

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