Cell Phone Addiction – 20

To prove the point;

this is a small business, this is the owner.   I am a potential customer.  I see her on the cell phone and approach.

I count to ten, then leave.

Does she realise she has lost a customer?

I see the woman in front of me reach into her bag for her cell phone, she takes it out,  paper money falls on the ground I pick it up.  She keeps walking.   I follow, she keeps talking, I hand the money to a beggar.

Two random occasions where the cell phone has caused monetary loss.

There are other losses, missing out on meeting a significant person you are blind when the phone is at your ear,  so busy taking a selfie one doesn’t see what is about to happen, filming an event instead of seeing it, the list is long.

However, the point is, you miss your life because you are on the cell phone.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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