Cell Phone Addiction – 18

Imagine  Kim walking into a room to speak to Jin.  Jin is babbling on the cell phone.

Kim stands , time  passing.  Jin doesn’t say “Hold on..”  into the receiver.

Clearly, Kim doesn’t exist.  Kim walks out.

Maybe Kim came to warn Jin the car was being towed, or there is some warning or catastrophe.

Most people will condemn Kim for walking out.  Kim ought have remained, like some slave, until the Great Jin noticed.

When enough  people become like Kim, and walk out, taking whatever information they have, perhaps the ‘Jins’ of this world will gain control of their brains and say;  “Hold a moment..” to the person on the phone, and speak to the person in front of them.

And! If the information is important, actually be able to say; “I will call you back,”  into the phone.

Can you see who is around you when you are on the phone?   Seriously, be conscious of this.  Many people actually can’t.    They are so focused on their phones, they are incapable of differentiating between the person in front of them and the one who is not.

This does, obviously, expose the addict to danger.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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