Cell Phone Addiction – 16

To protect yourself, think of your cell phone as you would a land line.   Only talk where you are safe.  Don’t talk when you are doing something.

Too many people think they can cook and talk, or drive and talk,  do anything while talking.

This isn’t true.

If we were having a conversation it would be very rude of me to continue to do something else.  Think of it in that fashion.

Although it is trite, the ‘Be Here Now’  exhortation is quite on point.  If people were more aware of Now, they wouldn’t fall off of mountains taking selfies, tumble into pits while talking, get into motor vehicle accidents,  or be so distracted they are easy victims for any crime..

The phone rings, like a zombie you answer.  Forget where you are, what you are doing, your Master’s Voice calls you.

What if you don’t answer?

If it is important, the person will call back.  If they don’t, you can call them when you are in a position to talk.

Is that impossible to do?


What do you think?


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