Cell Phone Addiction – 14

In reference to the previous article, how things might have been; if the victim wasn’t an addict.


Mr. Brown was locking up for the night when his cell phone rang.  He surveyed the street  before answering, saw three men lurking.  He stepped back into the shop, locking the gate behind him. He cut the call on his phone, called the police, and stayed in the shop. The police arrived, escorted him to the car, and followed him to the ATM.


Miss Smith was driving when the cell phone rang.   She kept driving, reached a ‘safe’ area, took up her phone, which rang again, and answered it, from a parked position.


Mr. Johnson was listening to the match.  As he came onto the road, took out his earphones, concentrated on getting to his location, where he then resumed listening to the match.


Ms. Cummings came from the bank.  Her phone was in her bag, with the weekly pay. She focused on where she was.   When she heard someone behind her, she turned saw the person, and began walking back to the bank. She turned again, and was now behind him, when he turned, she was staring into his face.   He moved away.   She reached the office with the pay packet.

In  these examples, the person is not a cell  phone addict.

The person was able to assess the situation around them, not a slave to the ring of the phone.


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