Cell Phone Addiction – 12

The addiction is real and dangerous.   It is having an imaginary companion.

Cell Phones, especially the Smart Ones are “Big Brother” as portrayed in Nineteen Eighty Four, by George Orwell.   It is not a jump, it is fact.

Another Fact you are Probably Unaware of…..

Every call you ever made, every text you ever sent, every image, is captured by the Cell Company and available to anyone who wants to investigate you, or hacks into the system.

Despite the fact every single crime show reveals this, the Cell Phone Addict remains unaware.

Yes, it is mostly ugly people, saying nothing, clinging to their cell phone because feeling inferior, the cell phone makes them feel they are not alone.  And what they are posting and saying is not worth hearing.

The sheer volume of persons connected to their cell phones constantly babbling overwhelms security personnel.  This is why it is after the event that suddenly the revelation of what the terrorist transmitted is publicised.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar