Cell Phone Addiction – 10

For some people, simply buying a cheap ‘unsmart’ phone, that is, one which can send and receive calls and do little else, is all that is required.

One can get those calls and texts, but nothing else.   Hence there is no reason to spend  life looking at the screen.

Internet is for work and home.   Just as one would plop in front of a television, one can plop in front of a computer.

By having an ‘unsmart’  phone one doesn’t really lose anything, as long as they have a computer.

Think about it.

Do you need to be ‘connected’ at all times?

Are you on a secret mission?   Undercover?   No.

You are just afraid of your own company.  You are afraid of people.  You can not talk to strangers.

You can not leave the house alone.  You can not be off the leash.

You have a psychological problem and the cell phone is a crutch.   Imagine if someone grabbed it and ran away?  What you would do?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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