Brighten Up Your Day: The Major Pros And Cons Of Going Solar

A solar panel is a reliable source of energy and gives light wherever it reflects. The energy that’s derived from the sun will generate as a source of power through solar panels.

Hence, solar energy has become a favorite topic nowadays when it comes to renewable energy consumption. Most households are looking for energy source alternatives which helps them in all aspects, especially in cutting expenses.

That said if you like to switch to solar energy source because you’re fed up with your current energy bills, take a look at the pros and cons laid out below before deciding in getting and switching to solar power.

The Pros of Solar Energy

Below are the main reasons as to why choosing solar energy source would be an advantage.

Renewable Energy Source

Having a renewable type of energy source must be your primary reason why many households are switching to solar energy. It is accessible in all areas where there’s daylight available.

Minimize Electricity Bills

The mere fact that you’re utilizing solar energy and can meet your energy needs, you’re able to drop your electricity bills. The amount you’re going to save using solar power will depend on the size and amount of your energy consumption.

Aside from that, not only you’re going to cut your electricity bill, but if you’re able to generate energy using it, you will have the luxury of selling excess energy that you produced to your neighborhood.

Multiple Applications

Solar energy can work in diverse applications. It is used to produce electricity and utilized by those households with no access to energy grids. It can also be used to distill water for some areas that have limited water supplies.

Low Maintenance Costs

The solar energy power systems don’t need high maintenance. You only need to clean them on a daily basis so that the conversion of heat energy to solar energy would be more efficient.

Furthermore, the cable wires also need proper maintenance so you should be sure that there must be no wear and tear on cables.

Technology Development 

Solar power companies have been looking into improving and advancing the use of solar energy per household. They intensify the future use of solar energy by making continuous innovations and inventions that promotes effective use of solar panels.

The Cons of Solar Energy 

The usage of solar energy has cons to consider too and the things discussed below will give you some insights before going solar.

The Cost

If you are thinking of switching to a solar energy source, the initial cost you have to consider must be bit high. It usually includes the initial installation of solar panels, batteries, wiring, inverter.

Weather Dependent

The solar panels will most effective when there’s an immense heat coming from the sun. On the other hand, if it’s too cloudy and rainy, then the collection of heat energy drops. So, it means that you have the bear with the weather sometimes.

Expensive Storage

Energies that have been converted by solar panels may be used immediately or stored in large batteries. The batteries for storage must utilize an on and off-grid, and it’s quite expensive.

Not A Space-Friendly 

In this case, there should be a need for more solar panels if you want to produce more electricity. It requires a lot of space because it must be on top of the roofs. If your household location has no enough space, then you can opt for installing fewer one.

Associated with Pollution 

Solar energy systems denote pollution. Most of the time, the transportation and installation of solar panels usually emit greenhouse gasses. There are also hazardous materials that may be exhausted, but it’s a little bit safer compared to other energy sources.


Going solar is a bit of a substantial investment to take. Even though it’s the most abundant when it comes to renewable energy source choice, many households would tend to doubt its capability of generating sufficient energy for consumption.

In line with this, many solar power providers and experts such as Powertec Solar encourages that before you switch to this kind of power source option, you have to review its advantages and disadvantages to make sure you’re not making a wrong decision.


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Written by Tom Clark

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