Brand Video – Is It Worth Using the Trend in 2020?

The idea of video marketing isn’t new. Many established brands are making the most of the brand videos to attract potential customers and convert them into real brand advocates. It is a crucial component of the business marketing plan that can make your marketing campaigns a huge hit.  Today, customers all over the globe watch videos to know what the company does, its services, and culture. If your brand is still not creating brand video, it’s time to reach your potential audience with a new medium in 2020.

Let’s explore why your brand should focus on video marketing in 2020 and how implementing this strategy into your marketing plan can make a big difference in your engagement graph.

Why Your Business Should Implement Brand Videos in 2020?

We choose simple tasks that are easy to process and don’t require a high level of cognitive strain. It’s human nature ? Brand video is one of the easiest and simplest ways to convey your message in the best possible manner.  Today’s customers are super busy; they don’t have time to read website content, especially when it comes to making a buying decision. They prefer personalized, actionable video content than any other type of content when they are planning to make a purchase decision.

Businesses of all types and sizes can connect with and convert their potential customers by using the power of brand video. You can use video marketing to market your services or products and get more followers on social media channels. It clearly represents the authenticity of your business and gives you the human face. If done right, it can increase brand awareness, improve your Google rankings, create a strong connection with your customers, market your products, increase conversions, and boost sales.

Here are a few reasons why it is important for your business to create a brand video in 2020.

  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Convey your brand message clearly
  • Generate more traffic, leads, and sales
  • Market your upcoming offers

Keep Your Audience Engaged

In this competitive business world, if you want your customers to choose your products or services over thousands of other brands, then you need to fulfill their expectations and keep them happy. Video content is the best way to keep your audience entertained, engaged, and retained. By creating short videos, you can generate maximum customer engagement and UGC that you can use promoting your brand.

Oreo is using video marketing at its best. The brand always tried to come up with something new to keep their audience engaged on different social media channels. The company created short and simple videos for different social media platforms by keeping the requirements of each platform and audience’s requirements in mind. They wanted to create short product videos that are incredibly simple, visually interesting and not too salesy.

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Nearly every business wants to appear higher in Google to get more traffic and leads. But it is easier said than done. Google ranks only those websites that have useful, relevant content that solves people’s pain points and they love spending time on those websites. If your website has interesting and engaging video content that people watch, the chances are high that you will show up first on Google.

Videos can convey a lot of information in a very engaging way that your audience can easily understand. If you smartly embed videos in your landing pages to explain your services or products, they will definitely watch every video that will eventually decrease the bounce rate and send positive signals to Google to improve your website rankings.

Convey Your Brand Message Clearly

With video content, you can inform, educate, and convey the message you are trying to communicate to your audience. By adding the element of storytelling, animation and other interesting components, you can effectively tell your unique brand story. This will make your brand different from your competitors. With captivating video content, you can show your audience how your brand is change lives and why they should use your products or services. Make your potential customers feel they are a part of something valuable and are a part of something bigger after watching the video.

The brand beautifully used the explainer video to explain the unique features of their product to tell their audience what makes them different from others. The video seamlessly explained the product engineering principles and design concepts, which makes it easy for potential customers to understand why the mattress is valuable.

Generate More Traffic, Leads, and Sales

Brands incorporating video content into their content marketing plan experience a 41 percent increase in website traffic compared to those companies who don’t use this powerful strategy. Your company can also utilize this effective strategy to get a massive increase in website traffic.

Whether you create videos for your landing pages, Facebook Stories, Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook watch, you can drive more people to your website. Having videos on your website can drive more search traffic, which will eventually increase leads and sales. Trust me; you will see a positive impact on traffic by embedding videos throughout your website.

Market Your Upcoming Offers

Creating an ad that grasps your audience’s attention and persuade them to take the desired action can make your campaign successful. Video content can serve as the best advertising platform that helps you to promote your upcoming campaign, company event, product launch or update. Using video in your ads can increase the chances of getting a higher CTR and more ROI than using any kind of content.

FeetUp Trainer came up with a very creative idea to attract its passionate audience. They showed their product in action to make it easier for yogis to improve their practice. Without being salesy, they have innovatively advertised their product.

 Now It’s Your Turn 

Brand videos can do wonders, if executed right. Whether you create video content for website heroes, landing pages, webinars, blog posts, or social media channels, it can serve as a powerful driver that influences the way your potential customers respond to your products to services. If you are a business owner or running a company that offers web design services in Dubai, it’s high time to create great videos for your website and social media to improve your online presence.


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