Advantages of Marketing with a Business SMS App

SMS has become a critical part of strategic marketing. Some brands have been hesitant to take advantage of SMS because they believe that the method is too intrusive. Business text messaging is an effective way to communicate with consumers.

It Can Integrate with and Support Other Channels

A business SMS app can work great alone, but it also has the capability to complement and support other marketing channels including email and social media. For example, it can remind customers that they should read an email that your company sent days before. A follow-up text that asks “did you read our email?” can boost email open rates by an additional 30 percent.

You Can Improve Customer Engagement

Your company should keep in mind the type of content you sent out. Customers appreciate news and updates about advancements with your brand, however, this type of information is most appropriate when it’s sent out by email where you are able to develop a more creative message. A majority of consumers are acquainted with text when they utilize certain services such as the hair stylist, dentists, and other public services. You can also use texts to deliver immediate promotions such as discounts and vouchers.

You Are Enabled to Monitor and Track with Response Data

With SMS, you are able to track ROI, identify customers who are engaging, and monitor the delivery rates. Your business can develop additionally targeted campaigns and consistently gain a better understanding of your mobile database. You will be able to cut costs and increase your ROI by segmenting out numbers that are not likely to respond. With business SMS, your company is capable of targeting consumers through email or another platform.

It’s an Immediate and Direct Platform

Text messaging is among the most immediate channels on the market. It has a 97 percent read rate within the first 15 minutes of being delivered. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your time-sensitive messages will be read almost immediately. Approximately 45 percent of text campaigns receive a positive ROI and reaches more than 50 percent when it’s blended with platforms such as social media and email.

Cost Effective

With other types of advertising such as TV commercials, billboards, and newspaper ads, the costs are tremendous. Marketing through a business SMS app can be done at a reduced cost in comparison to the traditional marketing methods. The amount of money you invest will be worth it in the long-run.


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