7 Useful Tips to Extend The Life Of An iPhone

The iPhone is a formidable brand in the smartphone market. To a phone accessories storeowner, it is big business to target customers owning iPhones. You should stock quality accessories to help customers extend the life of their pricey device. Below are some iPhone tips and tricks to keep it and its various parts in the best condition with the appropriate accessories.


It is important to keep the phone’s body looking nice always. The iPhone has its cellular antenna inside the body and this can weaken when the phone is exposed to several hits. Some iPhones come with a glass back cover that requires protection from breaking. This requires a quality case to protect the phone’s camera from scratches when it setting down on the table. Ensure to stock phone cases in various colors so customers can select one to match their phone.

Phone cases are made from various materials including leather, metal, plastic, and wood. Cases with a separate screen cover offer the best protection. Although wallet cases make the phone seem larger and thicker, these offer utmost protection to the iPhone. A wallet case keeps all the sides of the phone safe and can store credit cards.


Accidents can happen leading to shattering of the phone’s screen and repairs are costly. The iPhone is a pricey smartphone and any repairs might come at the price of a regular Android phone. By the time the phone screen breaks, the chances are high that is has periodically stomached a few blows before this one. To a phone accessories owner, it is important to stock best screen protector iPhone X and many other models.

A tempered glass screen protector ensures that the screen is safe from scratched, impact, and other damage. Investing in a screen protector is cheaper than going for repairs after the screen is broken. The tempered glass protector is a handy accessory for any iPhone owner for more than damage protection. It has the same feel as the phone’s actual display and it is easy to replace when broken. Through this, the phone’s screen remains intact.


Just like other smartphones, iPhones come with a lithium-ion battery that charges faster, lasts longer, and has better energy density. This allows the phone to keep charge much longer and to extend the battery’s lifespan. Maintaining the life of the iPhone battery requires never allowing the battery to blackout. The phone should be charged wherever possible for the power level to always be between 45 to 75 percent. Allowing the phone to charge overnight is a deadly habit for the battery lifespan.

it is important to stock quality iPhone chargers since owners of this smartphone always have to use the recommended charger. The chargers should offer appropriate power to charge the iPhone correctly without causing damage to the battery. Chargers that supply inappropriate power are likely to damage the phone batteries.


Phone users keep a lot of information on their phones. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all information including usernames, messages, pictures, and contact list don’t fall in wrong hands . The best way to keep the phone safe is to avoid losing it. Magnetic phone cases keep secure while driving with the ability to keep the phone charging.

Additionally, wallet cases also limit the chances of the phone going into wrong hands. These come with extra space for other items like credit cards. This allows the phone owner to just move with their phone in the wallet case without a purse. Moving with the phone in the hands lessens chances of misplacing since the user will just keep checking in the wallet case for whatever they need.

Internal parts

Latest versions of the iPhone are waterproof for a particular period. Regardless, it is important not to risk this pricey smartphone especially for people working near water. This requires owners to always keep their phones in a waterproof case. A phone accessories storeowner has to stock quality waterproof phone cases in various designs and styles for all iPhone models.

A phone might seem to work well after falling in water but it is likely to develop problems after a short while. There is no particular period but the phone is likely to begin malfunctioning after some time. It might fail to turn on or some functions might fail. Repairing an iPhone from water damage is costly compared to investing in a waterproof case. The bad thing is that water damage makes the phone warranty void and the owner has to pay a huge cost to repair the phone.

In conclusion 

With about 65.9 million iPhones globally, selling accessories for this phone brand is essential for any phone accessories storeowner. Owners of this pricey phone need to invest in handy accessories including screen protectors and wallet cases to extend the lifespan of their iPhone.


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