6 Ways Technology Is Improving Healthcare

While some people spend their days railing against the advance in technology, the rest of us are keen to hop aboard. While there may be some negative factors that result from our obsession with technology, you can’t talk about them without looking at all of the positive ways technology has influenced the world we live in. It has been improving healthcare for decades, in fact, centuries. There are a lot of ways it helps us and we don’t even consider that it does.

Technology hasn’t just been helping us live longer, it’s improving a range of issues in healthcare. Just think about the equipment that helps keep us healthy. For example, an MRI scan, CT scan, ultrasounds that detect cancer, blood clots, and more. Technology is everywhere.

  • Improved Diagnosis & Decisions – computers are helping doctor’s make correct diagnoses and informed decisions. They are equipped with the ability to speed up the diagnosis process and make recommendations on the right course of treatment and prescriptions, too. They gather information and they analyze data that effectively serve as a second opinion for doctors to consult with.
  • Remote Exams – coming to a neighbourhood near you soon, a chair that conducts a routine health exam. It means patients don’t need to leave their home. This is particularly handy for anyone with limited mobility or who lives in a rural area and cannot easily get to their doctor’s office. The chair takes basic vitals and immediately transmits the information to their doctor. It might not be mainstream yet, but it’s coming. Just take a look at the medical communities biggest technological advances this year. We are seeing significant gains on an annual basis.
  • Pharmaceuticals – more data for pharmaceutical companies means they can improve the products they offer. It provides them with insights into how different patients are reacting to medications and where there are gaps in treatment options.
  • Educational Opportunity – this is especially true for nurses, but being able to learn online and access training remotely has made it much easier for those in the medical field to expand their knowledge and skill set. This is helpful across the board, but especially for those who work in more remote or secluded areas of the world.
  • Improved Recovery Time – thanks to technology, medical procedures are becoming safer. For example, laser treatments have reduced the risk for a variety of procedures as they become less invasive than ever before. This reduces the risks involved for many procedures. This has also improved the rate of recovery for many. Once upon a time, a procedure could have required several weeks of downtime to recover. Now, it’s just a couple of days. It really is spectacular how much technology has changed our lives without us really acknowledging the difference that it’s making.
  • Increased Connectivity – one of the biggest problems in the healthcare community is a lack of connectivity. Now there are apps available so that doctors can easily connect and discuss patients. It makes it so much easier for specialists to consult with primary physicians and for them to keep track of appointments and test results. It also means they will spend less time trying to contact each other. It can only be a positive.
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This is just a taste of how technology is improving healthcare. It’s the tip of the iceberg and this trend is set to continue. You might as well take advantage of technology while you do your shopping. Saving money is good for your health, too.


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Written by Virily Editor


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