3 Things You’ll Learn by Signing up for White Label PPC Audits

Automation has made our modern world possible. Everything from your doctor’s office’s reminder phone calls to Amazon’s shipping routes runs on automation now. As well, it also allows advertisers just like you to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to their PPCC efforts. Newly-released automation allows you to create a more holistic approach that results in a better, more effective work flow, and the results you are looking to get. The question becomes, are you doing automation correctly? A PPC accounts audit can tell you for sure. This type of audit will inform you of three major things:

#1 If You’re Wasting Time. Everyone knows the phrase “time is money.” In PPC marketing, this is very true! Automated settings easily reduce the time spent on buying and selling placements, not to mention other monotonous tedious duties. Just like your pharmacy no longer needs to pay a real person to manually call each customer at the end of the month to remind them to refill their prescription, this same automation frees you from spending too much time in repetitive tasks. Automation helps you have a clear objective and take historical performance into account for current insights. This frees up your time for other tasks that cannot be done well by the computer, like crafting ad content, selecting images, and storytelling.

#2 If You’re Spending Money You Don’t Need to. Yes “”time is money” and you know what else is “money?” Money! Automation helps you save money too. Because machine learning helps to identify which elements and what format works best for your clients, you will quickly see improvements across bids. The algorithms used will flag ads that are not performing well and adjust the issue or alert you to a problem. PPC isn’t yet a piece of the advertising you can completely forget about, of course. You will still need to monitor campaigns and update objectives so that whatever computer learning you see on your campaigns can inform you of the smaller, more purposeful next steps to take.

#3 Whether an Expert Could do it Better. It is true that automation makes it easier to put together a successful campaign without being an expert. The question becomes, could a real expert do it even better? After all, this is the only way to reap the most benefits. Of course they could!

If you are not sure where your PPC efforts stand and whether you’re using automation as well as you could be, White Label PPC Audits can tell you exactly where you stand. After an audit to know where you are now and what could be improved, a White Label PPC will handle your end clients’ PPC efforts. This company will give you the results your end clients want and take the long, tedious work off your plate completely.


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