Tips for Helping Your Kids Practice Lacrosse at Home

So your kid has joined the local lacrosse team? Exciting times. They’ve started playing a sport with a history dating back hundreds of years. A sport that is one of the fastest-growing in the country.

To give your kids the best opportunity to excel in their newly chosen sport we wanted to give you these tips for helping your kids practice lacrosse at home. These tips will help you make sure they play to the best of their abilities. 

These tips also mean that your kids are more likely to have fun playing lacrosse. They’re less likely to give up because they get bored. 

Practice with your kids.

If your kids want to be the best lacrosse player they can be then you should encourage them to practice as often as possible. We’re not just talking about practice and game day during the season. You should encourage them to practice at home.

Wall ball drills are some of the easiest practice drills a kid can do at home. If you don’t have a wall, buy a lacrosse rebounder like this one at Victorem

If you want them to enjoy their practice more, you should practice with them.

Encourage your kids to become more ambidextrous. 

If you want to help your kids practice lacrosse at home you should encourage them to do drills that will help them improve their skills. They should do practice drills using both hands. 

If your kids are skilled with both hands they will find it easier to get around their opponent’s defense when it comes to game day. 

Go for a run with your kids. 

Lacrosse requires a lot of endurance. The easiest way to improve endurance is through running. 

If you want to help your kids improve their endurance so they can run out a game you should go running with them away from practice.

Watch Lacrosse together

If you want to help your kids you should watch lacrosse together. You can watch and discuss lacrosse educational videos together and learn from them.

You can also watch NCAA games and professional league games together. There’s nothing wrong with cheering on your favorite team. 

Show your kids how to hold their stick properly.

If you asked coaches across the country what mistakes they see most often, holding their lacrosse stick incorrectly. 

Instead of holding their top hand near the head of the stick they usually place it halfway down. This makes all of the standard lacrosse moves harder. 

If you see your kids holding their lacrosse stick incorrectly you should point that out to them. Don’t point it out in a scolding way. Make sure it’s supportive and educational.

Make sure your kids practice ground ball exercises

Ground ball drills are not as much fun as shooting and passing drills. But if you encourage your kids to practice ground ball drills more often they will become better players than their peers. 

Having superior ground ball skills give you an edge over your opponent as a lacrosse player. It means that you are more likely to be able to scoop up a loose ball and start an offensive play. 

You’ll get your opponents on the back foot. 

Practice Shooting Drills

Shooting drills are also important as a properly executed shot improves your kids chances of scoring a goal – and every lacrosse player likes to score. 

In many circumstances aiming low is a great way for you to encourage your kids to take their shot. By aiming low they give their opposing goalie less chance of reacting and making a save. 

There’s also less chance of a shot going over the top bar. 

Go through the rules with your kids.

There are a lot of rules in this game and it is important that your kids understand the rules. Hopefully, this stops them from making mistakes. Go through the rules with your kids regularly – this might include pointing out examples when you are watching games or Youtube videos together. 

I know you are excited. Your kid has taken up lacrosse and you want to give them the best chance to enjoy the game, and the best chance to be the best player they can be. If you practice with your kid and go through some of the tips and drills mentioned in this article not only will they enjoy the sport more but they will be the best lacrosse player that they can be. 


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