Staying Active From AM to PM

Friday, January 11, 2019, or better known as lucky numbers 1.11.19

I woke up to a cloudy morning, in which looked like the world has come to an end by the cloudy white sky actually looked and felt dark. But I decided to get ready for the noon yoga class. I felt warm, although I didn’t turn on the heating unit, and it looks cold outside. After one hour of yoga, I returned home and decided to go to Wholesome Choice. I ate Chinese takeout, which was filling, even though I didn’t finish my food. I kept the leftover for tomorrow. I made one cup of espresso. This Trader Joes French Dark Roast ground coffee is good. It has been “nitrogen flushed” to retain its flavor. And, when I made it via my Bodum French Press, I notice a thick layer of light-colored crema on top of the dark coffee. At 5:30 pm, I drove through afterwork Friday traffic to Woodbridge for a 4-mile walking meetup. I was back home at 7:45 pm, relaxing in my robe, slippers and pjs.

But the above snapshot was taken recently on a Turtle Rock walking meetup.


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