American Football or Rugby Which One Is Considered to Be More Popular

Depending on your preference, you might be inclined to have an immediate answer for the subject at hand. The two sports are evidently leviathans, each in their own ways. Die-hard fans for both sports are a dime a dozen, and for us to get to the bottom of which one is the most popular sport out of the two, we need to look at it from a different, unbiased angle. With the advent of technology, fewer people are going to attend these games physically. You can even argue that the last half of the century was instrumental in transcending the conventional way of following your favorite team.

 Life is as fast as it ever has been, and heading out to watch a game may not be as easy as we had hoped. To many, a Sunday night football is best enjoyed from the comfort of our own couch. Folks at ‘JokerLiveStream’ are now making it possible to watch NFL live stream free online. With this at your disposal, you will be able to catch up with the latest trend in the sports industry. The information provided here is written with the intent of shedding some light on both sports and to eventually aid you in forming an educated subjective opinion as to which one you deem most popular.

History & Origin

 It is believed that the two share an origin and that American Football came to existence off the back of rugby. However, with time, each game’s rules diverged, and now there are a plethora of technical differences between the two. The available literature suggests that the tipping point where American football fully diverged from Rugby was when the passing-the-ball-forward rule was introduced.

Prior to American football coming into the picture, due to politics, Rugby was divided into two different codes, Rugby League and Rugby Union – both of which enjoy very similar game features. The former is said to have emerged in 1871, 48 years after the inception of the latter. Players of both codes can transition between the two codes with ease. As such, the subject of their popularity compared to each other is taken rather lightly, and the general consensus is that they’re both popular in their own ways.


The very first thing that comes to mind is the fact that American football is primarily played in the US. On the other hand, Rugby is quite popular internationally – New Zealand often being at the forefront of Rugby Union; Aussies, best at Rugby League. Coming in after the Premiere League in popularity is the NFL. It consists of 32 teams; Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and New England Patriots being some of the most popular teams.

The Super Bowl is the hallmark of sports events, and its international sensation speaks volumes as to how popular a sport American football is. Evidently, for the NFL, the sky’s the limit, and we have seen an unprecedented increase in popularity over the years in countries such as Germany and the UK.


Players of both sports are, on average, larger compared to other sports due to the sheer toughness in stature that the sport demands. Studies show that over the years, Rugby players have grown in size. Youngsters from around the world live vicariously through the professional players of both sports. You could almost say that in modern times, a team’s popularity is in direct proportion to its team members’ popularity. Athletes like Tom Brady adds to the popularity of the sport in the industry, especially now that fans can directly follow their idols on social media platforms.

What is most popularly known about the difference between the two sports is their difference in wearing protective equipment and gear. Rugby fans have always taken great pride in expressing the fact that Rugby players need no protective gear except for gum-shields. The American football fans, in return, believe that the chest pads and helmets are what’s giving the sport its distinctive vibe. After all, to each their own!


Preference, much like anything taste-related, is subjective, and going on and on about which of the two sports are preferred worldwide could prove to be a fool’s errand. At the end of the day, the numbers show that both of them have great potential for further rising in popularity. All the existing sports share one very distinct element, and that is “excitement.”

The rush we feel when we watch our favorite players going at it is what ultimately keeps any sport relevant. We don’t just want our team to win, but we want to be able to share the joy and excitement with our loved ones. Popular sports like Rugby and American football teach humility and sportsmanship, and for that, their rise in popularity should always be condoned.


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