7 Reasons Why Tennis is One of the Best Sports

Sports are incredible for countless reasons. Most of them offer fantastic exercise, competitiveness, sportsmanship, and fun. With this in mind, how can one sport be called the best of them all? And why would tennis get this honor? Well, one of the reasons why this sport is given this title is because everyone can win at tennis

Take a look at the 7 reasons why tennis is one of the best spots out there. You don’t want to miss it!

1. Tennis Doesn’t Discriminate

Male or female, able or disabled, and eight years of age or eighty-eight years of age – there are no limitations when it comes to how old you have to be to play. Children can play mini tennis from the ages of four upwards, wheelchair tennis is a thing, and for the fit and young out there we have singles, and for the elderly, there is a comfortable round of doubles that fits the bill. Whether you are a seasoned player, newbie, or pro, there are levels to suit everyone. 

2. Tennis is a Great Workout

Tennis is demonstrated to be perhaps the best game to improve your fitness levels. At all levels, players require speed, coordination, balance, focus, strength, and a lot of endurance. There is plenty of starting and stopping involved in gameplay, and players are consistently on their toes, moving to and fro. This kind of movement resembles interval training, where we buckle down for a prolonged period, then, at that point rest, then, at that point, buckle down once more. More than 30% more calories are burned during interval training. Tennis can make you fit. However, you also have to be fit to play tennis! 

3. It’s Great For Your Mind As Well

Tennis often requires split-second decision-making. The top tennis players routinely hit serves at over 140mph. If you blink, you could honestly miss it. Be that as it may, even at club-level doubles, the ball flies often require a gigantic measure of control under pressure, skill, and thought. Tennis is a game played with your mind, not simply with a racket and ball. The best tennis players can remain calm under enormous amounts of pressure and plan a few shots ahead of time. To be a great tennis player, you need to have a solid mental game as well.

4. Tennis Is Affordable

Of course, tennis can be expensive thanks to the cost of lessons and premium equipment. Once you have the lessons done, and the equipment purchased, it is usually easy to find an affordable or even free court to play on. 

Tennis is a cheap way of staying active and improving your fitness levels. Get the best tennis racket, a pair of comfortable trainers, and a tube of balls, and you are all set. Court hire is often free, and when you do have to pay, it is exceptionally cheap. Getting access to a tennis court is also surprisingly easy. The only generalization that tennis needs to buck is the luxurious middle-class one. If we ever break that stereotype, all the courts in parks and private clubs would be full. 

5. You Can Play All Year Round

Tennis is a sport that can be played all year round. Most courts are currently astroturf or hard court tarmacadam, implying that there is no reason not to play because of the weather. With our climate, tennis players face unique and testing conditions. Anyone who has played close to the coast will know. Playing on a court close to the sea leaves a lot of opportunity for the wind to either be against you or for you.

6. There’s Always Something To Look Forward To

Though the Olympics and World Cup only happen every four years, tennis fans also get the opportunity to see their #1 player in 4 Majors every year. Even though Wimbledon is the most popular slam, each Grand Slam tournament has an exciting and appealing character with unexpected difficulties. It’s pretty rare to dominate one player on all surfaces (except the great Roger Federer, his performance on the tennis court speaks for itself), so the main prizes are by and large shared amongst the game’s elite athletes, making for compelling viewing. 

Tennis is a worldwide sport and is watched by many. Whether you are an avid tennis watcher or are aiming to be the next ATP world champion, we can all agree that Tennis is one of the best sports. 


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